Overcoming Your College Fears

As high school seniors graduate, college is often the next step for them. It is exciting to start the next chapter of life and gain independence, but it can be a little scary. There can be uncertainty and worry about making friends, the course load and dorm life. It is completely normal to feel college jitters, and I have some tips to help you overcome these feelings.


ONE // Go shopping! I know this sounds funny, but collecting college gear can make you excited for the fall. You can dream and plan what your room will look like. Pick a theme or color scheme and start looking at thrift stores, garage sales and shops. Then, pack the gear away and save it. You may forget about some of it, and it will be fun to rediscover in the fall. When I got to college, my roommate had set up her stuff, and we had similar taste and colors! It was great because our decor matched. Someone even said our room looked like it was from a blog! (*yay*)


TWO // Get advice. Talk to a student who has gone through at least one year of college. Ask them to honestly share their experience. What did they like and dislike? What was the hardest thing to adjust to? Did they have a hard time keeping up on homework? It can be a big help to get advice from people who have walked this road before.


THREE // Visit the campus. If you haven’t visited your college of choice, or even if you have, a summer visit may put you at ease. Most students will not be there, but you can still get an idea of the campus setup and housing arrangements. The weather in the fall will be similar to what it is now, so you can get a feel for the overall temperature and foliage.


FOUR // Contact your roommate. It is very exciting to learn your roommate’s name and text him/her for the first time! My roommate messaged me, but because we were not following each other on Instagram, I didn’t see her message for several days. I then texted her, and we had a great time sending pictures and describing our families. It was nice to be able to chat before we met face-to-face.


FIVE // Embrace it! Get excited, and make a list of the things that you are looking forward to in this new season of life. College is a tremendous privilege that a lot of people do not get to experience. As my mom says, “Recognize it for the beautiful opportunity that it is. Don’t worry away the joy.” Well spoken, Mom!


Good luck as you head to college this fall! 🙂 

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